The Rebellious Spirit

The rebellious spirit is a fire in the soul, the thirst for freedom. It is the fearlessness to be yourself, without compromise. In this group we will be clearing new paths toward this fearlessness by meeting our judgments, our fears, our problems around power, shame, unworthiness, inferiority, perfectionism and other wounds.

The main focus will be to understand the mechanism of judging, how it comes and how to go beyond it, and then to learn how to face our primal wounds inside with friendliness. Seeing to the roots of your present-day problems will bring the understanding that you have simply been conditioned, and that you are not guilty for having wounds. This will open the gates for seeing deeper into the unconsciousness, and for allowing healing and meditation to happen more easily.

This is a 5 day training in English given by Tarika Glubin.

Tarika Glubin MA
Tarika has a Masters degree in Psychology and more than 40 years’ experience working with people both individually and in transformational groups in Europe, Asia, India and the USA. Her professional background includes primal therapy, early childhood deconditioning, body-centered psychotherapy, and couples therapy.
Tarika leads regular international groups such as the  Rebellious Spirit, Entering the Path of Self-Love and the Osho Therapist. Her work as an Osho therapist inspired her to create the Transessence Technique – a tool for essential living which assists in the process of disidentification from the past and living in the present. She facilitated the Freedom Process(AFH)for 20 years.