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Kees belongs to the outside category. You are not going to find a therapist, masseur, trainer, intellectual, spiritualist or otherwise developed human being who has more in house [...]


Special experience. Kees took all the time and the treatment definitely helped release tension in my body. He has a very individual approach and tailors it well to the [...]


A session with Kees is "a life changing experience," from the moment you walk in until well after you've left The greatest gift you can give yourself. Thank you, [...]


Been to Kees twice and it feels like coming home to yourself. I get to know myself better and better through such a session: what do I (not) want, what [...]


Kees gave me a massage with the intention of giving space to a piece of sadness. With loving attention , technique and intuition the necessary emotion was released . This [...]


Actually stayed away too long again, I should give myself this gift much more often. This is not a massage, but an experience. One that you should give yourself at [...]


Had intense conversation about a whole life and how I am in it. Was good and good preparation for treatment. Kees doesn't beat around the bush but stays in touch [...]


Another great experience! The combination of consciously engaging your breath while Kees carefully addresses your body to soothe or remove any blockages remains unique. Jan 13, 2019


The combination of finding out, through very pleasant conversations, what has been unconsciously determining my emotions and reactions for a long time and then being able to physically feel and [...]


The energy literally flowed through my body, tingling, and that is a sensation impossible to describe. The result is a full, relaxed and soft feeling. Alive, and also half floating, so smoothly. Very natural. Kees' expertise, fine care and personal attention touched me deep inside. I stepped back out the door light, warm and at peace.


Kees provided a body-mind massage based on my intake that I really needed at that moment. Very flexible in adjusting his massage. He also really took his time with me. [...]


After 2 treatments from Kees, I experience better where my tension builds up. After the treatment I am always very tired at first and then come more into my power. Kees's approach creates a safe and personal atmosphere in which I can reach my own vulnerability during treatment. The methodology always brings me to a deep relaxation and.... awareness of my body. Thanks for that ; )


More and more I get to know myself and live my life. By letting go, I got so much back. Almost too good to be true. It feels like a [...]


Very pleasant & serene ambiance. The treatment was professional with a personal touch. Beautiful music to go with it. The space is clean, neat and cozy. Integrity and a fine [...]


Kees is a very knowledgeable, professional and warm person and I immediately felt at ease. I experienced the BodyMind Balancing session as very special and can heartily recommend it!

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