Spartan Life Coach about Trauma and Emotional Literacy

The Discipline is a simple and stripped - down way for people to check that they are doing all they need to be doing (and no more than that which is necessary) to help themselves to emotionally reregulate, to overcome trauma, and to be able to joyously thrive in their lives whilst moving forward with passion and energy toward their goals!

Our thoughts are geologic upheavals of feeling

An immensity of our reasoning is devoted to making sense of, or rationalizing, the emotional patters that underpin our intuitive responses to the world and therefore shape our very reality. Our interior lives unfold across landscapes that seem to belong to an alien world whose terrain is as difficult to map as it is to navigate.

Feelings or appearances

Am I feeling something or thinking something? What is the difference? Do you know? Or do you feel it?

Direct and indirect well-feeling

Feeling with my body or feeling with my thinking

If I do not have direct access to physical “feeling,” if my feeling is rather thinking (sham feeling), then I walk on one leg, so to speak. Then I have a limitation. […]

Naked Crying? Act Normal!

Naked Crying? Act Normal!

Thinking is an activity that is part of our security system. When something is exciting we are more in our thinking than in our feeling. Unfortunately but for most, this is no different.

So if I am intimate with someone and I am incomplete in my feeling but […]

How trauma occurs

A trauma is basically a learning memory, also called conditioning. To a physical or emotional event that was so overwhelming that the system had to make a radical adjustment. Never again! The reminder is programmed deep into our security program. After all, it’s about my survival.

Nice story, and how to proceed?

Exercises for embodiment. Your body in.

  • Exhale longer without! counting as sometimes pranayama 4/6 with counting. Counting is cognitive activity. Feeling is different. Conceptless.
  • Baby Breath
  • James French presence
  • Dance movement per def in the body in the now. Autonomous, […]

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This book is about safety. About your safety in the human herd. Security is all encompassing and defines everything you do. There is no happiness without security. It starts with feeling safe enough on a neurological level to express your emotions
Cat in a corner makes funny […]


Trauma? Doesn’t that bother you? Well I do!

Trauma is once experienced hopeless solitude with no perspective. Which was experienced by me as a small child. My survival system was looking for a survival solution. Koos’ something’ to overcome […]


Why the term BodyMind?

I don’t have a separate body and mind, there are no parts. It is one system that takes care of my safety and has several functions. Just as well! When I burn myself on the stove my brain as an organ really does […]

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