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Since the publication of Men Come from Mars, Women Come from Venus, it has sold millions of copies worldwide. The secret to this book? Men and mourners think, feel, communicate and love differently. They seem to come from different planets! John Gray explains it flawlessly with this metaphor. If you understand that sometimes you don't understand anything about each other, many problems are solved immediately.

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People who are emotionally close sometimes get to see more of each other than they care to. As a result, tensions and irritations arise. Sometimes you want to end a broken relationship or need a fresh start after a break-up. Peace in yourself gives peace in your relationships

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Narcissistic behavior makes victims Insecurity, doubt, destabilization & isolation, blurring personal boundaries, feelings of powerlessness, burn-out symptoms, fatigue, depression and at the same time the desire to do well so that others treat you nicely. It's about arming you against unwanted behavior

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