What Then?

Where are you?
Who are you?
What are you?

Mirror of my Soul,
Mirror of my Being.
Reflection of my fears,
Of things I did
And now remember.
Longing for you,
As a human being, as a woman
Or is it unconscious.
narcissism and manipulation.
To cover fears
Stretching my desires.
But do I see you
Can I see you uber at all.
Can I see you without
My self as a mirror;
Without mirroring you
Are we both here?
Or are we gnomes operating from their
Defensive organist orphans
Following patterns of behavior that
Not doing justice to anything
Other than mindless survival
In a misunderstood
Big world
But where are you
when I am my own self
do not know or see.
What are we doing here?
What if we are
without patterns.
Naked defenseless
Timeless Being
Aimless Finite
here in now
Are we each other’s vacations?
Of an existence so empty
Emotionless Aware
Two ‘beings’
Two empty shells
Two blood pumps
Two air pumps
Or are we two responses
Upon us, in time, so pure
In love, though.
But what if
When I see you
The whole universe
themselves to us
Then what?
And everything is.
As it is.
Then what?