Stress causes physical complaints

Stress causes tension in your body and mind. And without proper discharge, the tension is held. Muscles contract. Your body and mind start compensating for balance and movement. With dire consequences.

And stress essentially changes your bodily functions. Because if the metaphorical lion is running after you then the blood goes to the outside of your body, to your muscles, sexuality and digestion are shut down, there is no cell repair and certainly no peace of mind, you are hyper alert. Behold the stress effects.

In the long run, this is killing you. Temporary compensations become permanent. You lose the blueprint of body and mind. You no longer feel “the old you” and your body often cries out for rest.

sessions lay the stress impulse still and thus open the way to body’s own recovery. And where necessary, we lend a hand by performing targeted on-site interventions that reactivate the brain into its original “healthy” movement patterns.

Body’s own recovery for increased rest and range of motion

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