Thinking advice addresses what is happening in the here and now

A director wants to improve something in his organization. He wants advice on this from an outside consultant. Their conversation proceeds as follows: Client says, “Before I start, I would like to know a little bit about who I am facing. I would like to know what you have done in terms of consulting and especially the results, and what you think you have contributed to that. Could you give a few examples?’ The (thinking) advisor replies, “What I did is I just listened to you with full attention, as your advisor. This is how I heard you begin our advisory conversation by saying “before I begin.” With this example, you may now know a little bit about who you are facing. Is this knowing now for you a result that I just contributed or a result that you yourself produced and interpreted from what you heard me say here?

Thinking consulting is not just another variant of organizational consulting. It is an essentially different approach to advising, guiding and coaching, where the thinking consultant does not act as the expert Who knows or comes up with a solution.

No, the thinking consultant, from a disinterested, wondering and attentive attitude, stimulates the person seeking advice to defrost his thinking

By changing his existing interpretations of and thoughts about reality, and by critically re-examining his ideal image, the person seeking advice produces, as it were, the solution to his problem himself.

Thinking Advice is both a surprising, practical and insightful book and an ode to the simplicity, lightness and dignity of “thinking advice. It would be ‘beautiful’ if someone who engages with this book were to have an experience of poetics … Then reading this book could also be an experience of ‘thinking advice’: the de-stressing discovery of a new, attractive view of advising

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