“You deserve to feel empowered”

From MUST to WANT to BE

BodyMind balancing sessions, combine bodywork and personal coaching in an unprecedented way
Unplug your stress-impuls and re-activate your body’s original healing capacity

I offer a powerful combination of
massage, breathing, hypnosis and personal coaching
Unique and very organic !

Empowerment starts with coming home in your body.

Sometimes there is metaphorical gravel in your shoe.
That hurts when walking.
Together we remove it for a smooth journey onwards.


“The Mind can not change the Mind
Real change is not a mental proces”
                                                                                                                      Baltazar in Bliss (1997)

You feel great and you want more!

  • Your body is your best asset

  • You take good care of yourself 

  • Indulgence is a gift to yourself

Tired and stressed out?

  • You can handle life again

  • Live life more fully

  • Your body gives positive signals

Relationship issues? At home? At work?

  • Balance in your relationships

  • Emotional closure

  • A fresh start after a break-up 

Aimlessly wandering through life?

  • Life feels meaningful 

  • Change! Empowered!

  • Goodbye Bore-Out 

Low energy?

  • More energy! Feel your strength!

  •  In balance after a (near-miss) burn-out 

  • Feeling in control again

Sleeping problem?

  • Wake up refreshed and happy 

  • Dreams replace thoughts 

  • Healing deep sleep

Help! I am victim of a narcissist

  • Make your own decisions again

  • You are sure of yourself, without doubt

  • Live a happy independent life

Chronic complaints?

  • Relax, every muscle, every cell 

  • Beter movement

  • Your BodyMind is connected

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”
Carl G. Jung


Kees Klesman  |  BodyMind Coach

In business and private coaching time and time again I noticed the restrictions of ’talking-approach‘, the mental approach.  Our mind is already overloaded. Time for change!

We take your body as our entry to change, fully confident of the universal wisdom of your body. By following your very own process in the here and now, doors will be opened that remain closed for most of us when talking and thinking.

I combine MASSAGE, BREATH, HYPNOSIS and PERSONAL COACHING in a unique treatment

For permanent recovery of stress and the residual collateral damage.
For deeper insights to the benefit of your personal growth

voornaam kk

Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Re-Patterning
Practitioner Patterns of Physical Transformation
Practitioner Body Knows Breathwork
Bodywork Trauma Resolution
ProcessWork Practitioner
Chi Nei Tsang

Chronic stress causes a whole range of problems

  • Tension in your body, your mind spinning and spinning. sleeping disorders, chronic fatique and physical ailments.
    You are ‘always on the run’ as if a lion never stops chasing you.
  • You tried almost everything; yoga, sport, meditation, therapy and well intended advise from fiends.
    And still you do not really feel good. Body and mind loose more and more their natural, healing balance. 

Being out of balance touches your deepest core

  • You keep on going, until sooner or later you get sick. In your body or in your head. With unresolved trauma’s or addiction to substances, thoughts or destructive routines  All too often not to feel what you do (not) feel deep inside. 
  • And with chronic stress you sub-ventilate, you breathe insufficient. Nobody breathes relaxed with a lion chasing them. Let’s change that!
  • With all that stress and unresolved trauma’s your system goes out of balance. With negative impact on body, brain and your functional mobility.

BodyMind Coaching is a powerful catalyst

  • Give your sub-concious a powerful anti-stress impuls with a reset of your bodymind. With your breathing as an anchor for a synchronised, mindful massage. in combination with evocative music. 
  • We create a ‘safe space’ where body and mind can reconnect in an original way. During a session we consciously re-activate the body’s own neurologic processes for healing and liberating insights.
  • We assume the body knows what is best for you. In your body the sub-concious guards your well being; it is the house of emotions, memories and healing energy. Neuro-science confirms this. We approach the BodyMind in a natural and holistic way.

Body knows what is best for you

Experience ultra-relaxation for natural recovery
Feel strong and empowered again!


BodyMind Balans = 1 > 3
1 starting point
3 options

With synchronised pressure massage and your conscious breath as an anchor.
Where needed we can restore neurological movement patterns for more physical and mental balance.

De-activate the stress impuls
your sympathetic nerve system
(muscle tension, spinning thoughts, chronic stress, sub-ventilation)

Activate the relax impuls
your para-sympathic nerve system
(relaxed muscles, a quiet mind, healthy digestion & sexuality, energy and cel repair)

Change from the inside out

Session 2 hours 150,-

Within a session there are 3 options



For a reset to rest
For healing rest from the inside out

At least this is the very best full-body massage in Amsterdam. At max it is a transpersonal experience with new insights and healing energy for body and mind.


Letting Go
Back to your core


For athletes and non-athletes
A firm massage on bare skin aimed at increased blood circulation in the muscles and removal of waste.

For maximum mobility and a quicker recovery from injuries.
Before and after sports or when you need focussend attention to area’s of your body that are ‘stuck’, like neck or shoulders.
Or when you want a quick recovery from a busy day at work.

Targeted Recovery


Experience your body in full
A tantric massage is sensual, relaxing and above all healing at the deepest level. Aimed to awaken and experience life’s energy in all parts of your body.

Respect, trust and safeguarding personal boundaries are central in this massage which is not intended to include sex or orgasm.


Full Body Healing

Mens sana in corpore sano

BodyMind Coaching is tailor-made
A new, unique and intuitive process that combines various techniques in one session. This brings you quicker and deeper than a simple massage or a coaching session.

BodyMind Coaching Technically speaking, BodyMind Coaching combines Holotropic & Body Knows Breathwork, Physical Pattern Transformation, synchronised pressure-massage, Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning, Process Intervention, Focussing, Framing, Hypnosis, Psychosynthesis, Process Work, Philosophy, Mindfulness and Personal Coaching. With a splash of tender loving care. WOW!

               Contacting your deepest core is the beginning of fundamental change  


Human Consciousness is like an Iceberg
We are aware of only a fractional part of what happens in and around us. The rest is invisible for our conscious mind. But it does influence us in many ways. By expanding awareness of your body and the sub-conscious, you access new insights and influence physical processes.
This deepens the human experience and enriches life.

BodyMind Coaching with it’s unique combination of various techniques goes beyond massage, therapy, hypnosis or bodywork. Working in a safe holding during a session, with caring attention for body and mind, you can make  a conscious journey in the sub-conscious.  To experience yourself as whole again in full surrender of what is. 

It opens a door to a special, sometimes trans-personal experience. To let you enter the world again with new insights and new energy and more choices. 

BodyMind Coaching stimulates the body’s own processes with a ‘reset to default’.
The experience of ultra-deep relaxation or possibly a trans-personal experience give the brain and the heart a special impuls for recovery; thought processes, posture and body chemistry are affected.  Among other things, it can improve the heart-coherency. Because the body knows what is best for you. All we need to do is give it a chance. Because body and mind are not two but inseparably one. That is our starting point 

BodyMind Coaching brings natural healing within reach