Guarding your boundaries begins with awareness of your limits

Sometimes we think (unwanted) touch is quite normal. Or we go along with the delusion of the day without being aware that we can also say no! Or that, on the contrary, we want something from another, for ourselves. Our conditioning from childhood usually works against us. We must care for others, altruism is better than selfishness, children who ask are skipped, your will is behind the kitchen door, and so on.

In this session, we will give attention to one central question:

For whom.

For whose pleasure am I doing this? For whose pleasure am I allowing this to happen?

We engage it consciously and physically, play with it. Over and over again, for a deeper awareness of your basic physical conditioning. So you can experience more awareness of your limits, what is possible and how to feel safer around those limits.

For this way of paying attention around boundaries, we use the approach as in the
Wheel of Consent
by Betty Martin. A great model for experiencing boundaries from four points of view.

For greater safety and a more conscious life.

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