You just want to be touched

Babies die without touch, adults feel a lack. The need for touch does not disappear. A life without touch can feel barren. And a relationship in which you are untouched for a long time often feels lonelier than being alone.

To touch is to communicate with your skin, your largest sensory organ. Loving touch releases oxytocin, the happiness hormone. It helps you recover, makes you resilient against stress, depression, strengthens your immune system, helps against anxiety as well as loneliness.

Touch is crucial to your physical safety perception

Touched the way you want, in a safe way. And you choose. Touch with your clothes on to touch without clothes on. And everything in between. You are the boss!

Multiple kinds of touch are super fine for this. Imagine how a soft spring or warm oil will feel. Being touched gently or firmly. What is your preference?

Or maybe a very long embrace, aimless, just being held like a baby, maybe for an hour.
Why not!

How long ago did you have that baby experience?

To feel close even in your relationship, touch is indispensable. Often sex is a defining prelude to physical contact.

Sometimes agree not to make love – you can if it presents itself – but to touch each other. Not to make up for it, not as a stepping stone to steamy sex, but just, randomly, aimlessly.

Physical intimacy is much more encompassing than sex