Created to fill the need for an all natural lubricant

It has all the benefits of olive oil mixed with the healing properties of essential oils. It was specifically made for deep tissue styles of massage. Santa Barbara Massage Cream offers a nice resistance that allows the therapist to penetrate deeply into the tissues, and its smooth and luxurious feel makes it perfect for lighter Swedish styles. Clients don’t leave the session feeling oily, because only a small amount of cream is needed. A revolution in massage cream!

Because most massage creams include water (which is why they are white), they require preservatives. Many of these preservatives are hormone disruptors. Although these are safe for clients who are only exposed during the session, having your arms covered in cream all day long during every session can cause health problems for massage therapists. Check your cream and if it contains iodopropynul Butylcarbamate, Triethanolamine, or Phenoxyethanol- consider switching. Why use a massage cream that can hurt you? Santa Barbara Massage Cream has ingredients that you can eat, and has an incredible glide.

So natural you can eat it



Used by the ancient Greeks because of its healing properties and effects on the skin. The olive tree was imported from Greece over 2500 years ago. It has been considered a symbol of peace, goodness and purity. The ancient Greeks stockpiled olive oil for economic security because of its long shelf life. Superstitious folk in medieval times used it to drive out evil spirits. Thick, luxurious and delicious, olive oil is not only good nutritionally, it is also a wonderful beauty secret for dry skin. A few drops massaged onto the face at night is great for deep moisturizing, as it absorbs into the skin beautifully. When added to massage cream, each massage becomes a healing session.


Our cold pressed coconut oil gives our massage cream an excellent glide while maintaining a good resistance for deeper work. It comes from the meat of the coconut and is rich with lauric acid. Laurie acid has antiviral and antibacterial properties. High-grade virgin coconut oil has a very long shelf life because of its natural anti-oxidant properties. It’s wonderful as a digestive aid, has been known to be a powerful agent in destroying intestinal parasites. Recently, studies have shown this oil to be one of the healthiest substances to use on the skin – that it actually increases the metabolism, which helps to lose weight. This is why we use it in our massage cream.


Turns our massage cream into a solid when it is in the jar. Bees wax makes it so you only have to use a little. Clients do not end the session feeling oily. It is the simple bi-product of a honeybee. Bees wax is the key ingredients in the most highly regarded natural skin products. It makes a wonderful skin softening balm, with a lovely texture and feel. Most people think the most important substance created from the honeybee is honey, but actually honeybees primary job is pollination and without these vital workers, our crops would not flourish. In Medieval times, beeswax was quite valuable not only as a quality candle wax, but as a bartering commodity.