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Over traumaverwerking


Als je eenmaal begrijpt dat posttraumatische reacties begonnen zijn als gingen om je leven te redden, dan kun je misschien de moed opbrengen om onder ogen te zien wat je diep vanbinnen voelt, maar daar heb je wel hulp bij nodig.

Over traumaverwerking2017-12-14T16:08:45+01:00

Adult Children of Narcissists Face Trauma-Induced Health Risks


Narcissism has become a buzzword these days often “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” to quote Macbeth. But for adult children of narcissists (ACoNs)—those who have lived with the narcissist disordered personality as their primary caretakers—the reality is painfully serious and the health stakes are high.

Adult Children of Narcissists Face Trauma-Induced Health Risks2017-12-14T15:51:53+01:00

Narcissism and Abuse as a Co-Created Relationship System


People living in irrelationship activate behavioral routines learned in childhood that relieved anxiety by making their parents feel better. We made the acronym GRAFTS as a simple tool to help organize our thinking: Good, Right, Absent, Funny, Tense and Smart.

Narcissism and Abuse as a Co-Created Relationship System2017-12-14T15:28:52+01:00

Sitting in the fire


When the BodyMind session reaches the intense level, it is not about stopping the process (because we do not "know" what to do), but about containing and giving support to favor the process of change that is taking place. It's like conciously sitting in the fire and remaining there having confidence healing takes place from within. It's all about non-doing and creating a space for what is present.

Sitting in the fire2017-12-14T15:23:35+01:00
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