Connect emotions to words. To take on new information you need emotions. You need to link feelings to facts.

Emotional illiteracy limits your view of the world. It colours your view more than people with more feeling capacity. Less capacity to perceive the reality in the broadest sense. We need to restore emotional perception.

You need feeling literacy to recover from

Explore emotions and help people out of thinking. Help them feeling what they feel and giving meaning to it. Emotions are there to help you, they are warning tools. are you listening to them. Prime objective of the subconscious, the feelings, is help you to bring you to safety. The thoughts may distort the results however.

Traumatised people may see the world in monochrome, black and white shades. Emotions aim to move you towards or away from what may be damaging. Shame, anger, sadness and the subcategories deepen your awareness.

  1. Write 7 words that describe a given situation
  2. What does this emotion try to say about this situation
    (warn me for or stimulate me to do, push me away from, towards what action, trying to get me to do, how are you serving me?)