Something in the Environment Stimulates us either real or imagined
  • Biochemical Changes
  • Adrenaline… Opiods
  • Autonomic Arousal..Heart Rate , Blood Pressure , Breathing to distribute chemicals…Can do super human things
Two Biological Responses
  1. Hyper Arousal  Continuim ….Fight or Flight
  2. Dissociative Continuim…. Freeze  Defeat or Surender response
Both promote Survival. Each one of these is selected as a adapted advantage….
 The decision is based on: Age….Severity of the threat ….Possibility of Physical Injury
Hyper Arousal Response ..  Alarm…Vigilance…Fear…Terror    Fight or Run
  • Adrenal System Active..Excitement Inducing …Decreases Serotonin …Increasing Adrenaline …Creates aggresson
  • Muscle Tone Increases
  • Cognitive Processes Increases
  • Potential of Homicide
Hypo  Arousal  Response … Freezing ( Numbing ) …. Compliant…Dissociating…Fainting
  • Opiod System Active …Euphoria Inducing
  • Muscles become Flaccid or Numb
  • Cognitive Processes Decreases
  • Potential of Suicide
What Happens to the System when it uses a emergency response to live in everyday..
Creates a new Biological Baseline in you Body  Adrenaline …Opiods
Body is prevented from following its natural Rhythm of Excitement and Rest
Adrenals will become exhausted and the body will go into a forced state of recuperation
Opiod System creates a low grade depression, a low energy and disconnection from life…
When one is in this state Every Day Stressors begin to elicit a exaggerated reaction…
Trauma and Stress become  a permanent State which leads to Hyper Tension or Depression with a biological disfunction